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Investment & Trading Transformation Program:

(WH questions)

Who: Who should attend this program?


  1. If you interested in Stock Market investment as well as intraday trading.
  2. If you are a new to the stock market OR Intraday Trading and wish to enter in it.
  3. Even If you are already in the market & lost money in the past & wish to learn discipline for Stock Market Trading.
  4. Even if you are already in the market & wish to make more money than earlier. 

NOTE: If the answer is YES for any of above mentioned question then definitely you should go ahead with this program. 

Why: Why it’s important to attend this program?


  1. Also you will be equipped with our Intraday Software - PROFISION PRO.
  2. To safeguard your money with help of STOPLOSS strategy and get Maximum PROFIT using PROFIT TRAILING Strategy.
  3. To Learns -
    1. Mandar’s 80-20 Principle
    2. Mandar’s AIM strategy
      1. A = Analysis (How to Analyze a Stock )
      2. I = Implementation (How to implement the trade )
      3. M= Monitoring (How to Monitor your Portfolio)
  4. This program is a complete 1 year program with Personalized hand holding from Mandar Jamsandekar Sir: - www.youtube.com/mandarjamsandekar  

When & Where: When can you attend the program (Schedule)

How : How to register for this program (Registration)