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Investment Transformation Program :

Investment Transformation Program is a complete 1 year program empowered with PROFISION Software. This program is designed as 2 days Technical Analysis training session at venue + 10 days online practical session + 1 year implementation of PROFISION Software.


  1. Technical Analysis is a study of prices with help of charts and plenty of supporting tools. Normally with access to internet and online terminals people have an understanding that they know Technical Analysis. We believe that by attending our 'Workshop on Practical Technical Analysis' you will not learn but you will be enlightened. The learning will be an experience of a lifetime for you - this is a guarantee from a company which has trained more than 50,000 people from the year 2000.
  1. This workshop helps you to learn the most important enhancement -
  • Analysis
    1. There are more than 2500 stocks which trade on NSE alone – therefore this workshop starts with picking a stock.
    2. Once you have picked a stock you need to know whether it is a buy or a sell.
    3. After the decision is taken the next important step is deciding the price target and the time target.
  • Implementation
    1. After analysis the next important step is executing the trade.
    2. Care to be taken while executing a trade, the price at which the trade should be executed.
  • Monitoring
    1. Once the trade is executed you need to monitor the position till it is squared off.
    2. As the price keeps moving up and down it is a difficult proposition for a trader or investor to keep his cool and take decisions.
    3. In this session we actually see as to how the decisions have to be taken.
    4. Idea to keep your in control of your trade at all the times till the positions is squared off.
  • Discipline
    1. To win in the stock market you need a combination of Strategy & Discipline.
    2. Everybody knows that discipline is important but people share their experience with us that they find it difficult to implement discipline.
    3. This workshop helps you implement the required discipline in a simple and executable way.

This is a Practical Workshop therefore you learn it in easier way. Because our experience tells us that when we get the right ideas implemented from our participants they tend to understand it faster.

  1. Practically Learn To Implement Technical Analysis Strategies with Discipline:
    1. Intraday Trading
    2. Swing / Positional Trading
    3. Short / Medium Term Investment
    4. Long Term Investment
  2. Money Management, Risk Management & Portfolio Management
  3. In Classroom = First Day Theory & Second Day Practicals + 10 Days online Practical session
  4. Practical verified and discussed every day with our Trainer.
  5. Once you complete the online practical session, you will start implementing practical technical analysis knowledge with the help of PROFISION software.

Support from us

Some points to make things more clear –

1. Existing Students –

  1. Students who have attended training with us are eligible to attend refresher programs for free.
  2. This is provided because our experience tells that in some months, the content on internet, whats app and friends ensure that the aspiring investor / trader is taken off the track / distracted from his goal / ends up losing focus. The refresher session helps bring our students back on the track.

2. PROFISION users –

  1.  Support throughout PROFISION subscription period on email, phone, whats app
  2. Support Time – 8 in the morning to 12 in the night. (Mon to Sat)
  3.  Over and above this personalized support is also provided by Mr Mandar Jamsandekar ON Whats App.


Who: Who should attend this program?


  1. If you are looking at stock market as a serious business.
  2. If you want to take correct decision about your hard earned money before investing.
  3. If you want to make good PROFIT after knowing your RISK.
  4. If you are a new to the stock market and wish to start your investment.
  5. Even If you are already in the market & lost money in the past.
  6. Even if you are already in the market & wish to make more money than earlier. 

NOTE: If the answer is YES for any of above mentioned question then definitely you should go ahead with this program. 

Why: Why it’s important to attend this program?


  1. To understand your Exact PROFILE in Stock Market, RISK and accordingly RETURN.
  2. To safeguard your money with help of STOPLOSS strategy and get Maximum PROFIT using PROFIT TRAILING Strategy.
  3. To Learns -
    1. Mandar’s 80-20 Principle
    2. Mandar’s AIM strategy
      1. A = Analysis (How to Analyze a Stock )
      2. I = Implementation (How to implement the trade )
      3. M = Monitoring (How to Monitor your Portfolio)
  4. This program is a complete 1 year program with Personalized hand holding from Mandar Jamsandekar Sir: - www.youtube.com/mandarjamsandekar  

When & Where: When can you attend the program (Schedule)

How : How to register for this program (Registration)