Payment Policy :

This policy covers Registration, Cancellation & Refund rules for the payment done by you for subscribing or purchasing a product / software or a training program with us -

  • While registering for any product please take care that you enter all the details correctly.
  • Paid product registration confirmation will be received only on receipt of the payment.
  • After making payment give us an extra day over and above the regular time taken by a bank to clear payments for us to confirm receipt of payment.
  • You have to ensure that you call the support team on our office numbers for getting the installation done. For any delay we will not be responsible.
  • None of the payment made to us is applicable for interest payment to you.
  • Valid registration for workshop makes you eligible for any benefit scheme if applicable and this can be availed of, only after the payment is received by us.
  • An offer cannot be clubbed with any other ongoing offer or promotion.
  • When you make a payment for a product it makes you eligible for a 10 day access to that product during which you will receive online ‘Renewal Reminders’. The moment we receive payment confirmation from our accounts department the access is automatically extended for the subscribed period. Please do not be annoyed on receipt of such a mail as it is a procedural compulsion. These are auto generated mails by the system.
  • All Training Registrations, Subscriptions and Sales made are final. Payment once realized cannot be cancelled or Refunded for any reason.
  • A product once bought cannot be returned; nor can payment be refunded.
  • By subscribing to our services, software or training you AGREE that you have READ and ACCEPTED the "Payment Policy", "Disclaimer", "Internal Policy".
  • You can shift over to a higher cost product with the amount being adjusted to the new product.
  • For Paid Training Workshop registrations cheques will be accepted 3 days prior to the date of the workshop after which the registrations will have to be done using cash, demand draft or credit card.
  • Once registered, Postponement and Cancellations of workshop are not allowed.
  • Payment receipts are electronically generated and do not require a signature.
  • Do not Share your credit card information with anyone. Payments made by your cheque, net banking or credit card will be final and will be assumed to be done by you only.
  • If you require a payment receipt in print or have not received it on email then send us a mail requesting the same on

  • For further clarification submit your query on email or contact us on our office numbers.