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New to Stock Market :

A Warm Welcome to the World of Indian Shock Market!!!

Investing in the stock markets requires a lot of a patience and focus. This needs to be done without getting distracted by the plenty of content available on the internet and other sources. To make a good investment you need to have the right knowledge and the right tools i.e.:-

  • How to Pick Stocks
  • How to Read Stocks
  • How to Trade Stocks
  • Investing for Beginners

Knowledge and PROFISION are more important than having money when it comes to the stock markets. The reason for this is if your hard earned money is deployed without the right knowledge or analysis then that can hurt your pocket. Not only will your investment generate a negative return but you may also end up losing your confidence.

The next important thing for you to do is have "CLARITY" on your profile. Means you need to know who you want to be in the stock market ?

Some people come to the stock market with an understanding that money is lying everywhere, they try to do Day Trading, Swing / Positional Trading and also Investment.But this is wrong because a person normally tends to shift his profiles only when his positions are stuck.

This means you buy a stock for trading and then the stock instead of going up goes down which makes you shift the intraday trade to delivery. This normally is done with a view that at some point of time in the future the stock may come above your buying price and give a chance to exit with a profit. You need to know that every time you may not be lucky to witness this happening. Getting stuck into stocks which are not performing is the most common mistake that people tend to do.

In the stock market if you decide to learn from your own experience then you need to know that it can be expensive for your financial as well as mental health. Learning from experienced people and experiences shared by them should help you build a strong foundation.
Remember - Learning from others mistakes will always save time and money for you.

You can be a Day Trader or a Swing Trader / Short Term Investor or a Long Term Investor. You may opt for any one or multiple profiles.

The below table will guide in your process of selecting a profile for your stock market venture :

Profile Knowledge Money Risk Returns Time
Intraday Trader Yes Low Investment High Low Monitoring during Market Hours
Swing Trader / Short Term Investor Yes Medium Investment Moderate Moderate Monitoring once at the end of the day
Long Term Investor Yes High Investment Low Moderate At end of the day or Once in a week

Note - Comments in the above table are in comparison with each other.

Important - Never shift your profiles in between your venture. Having Clarity on your profile is doing justice with your hard earned money.

We believe that your road map for going forward in your stock market venture should be as suggested below -

  1. Learn Basics Of Stock Market -​​
    • Book an appointment for attending our Workshop on Basics of Stock Market.
    • This is a FREE session for you so that we can help you build your foundation for the stock markets.
    • This session is conducted as per our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative.
    • Talk to our executive to know more about this.
  2. Learn Practical Technical Analysis -
    • ​​Attend our 2 + 10 Day Workshop on Practical Technical Analysis.
    • This is a 2 day classroom session with 10 days of practice at home on charts with our trainer helping you with verifying your technical analysis studyand practically learning analysis in the process.
  3. Start using PROFISION software to analyze individual stocks and markets.
    • ​​When you are practicing you will get complete support from trainers and our software support team. This support is available from Morning 8 to Midnight 12 during weekdays.
    • Once you are comfortable with your progress in the stock markets then you can think of adding more knowledge.
Knowledge Additions for you :-
  • Practice Technical Analysis for 6 months after which you can enroll for the Workshop on Futures & Options. This workshop will give you knowledge on the derivative segment traded in India.
  • Knowledge can be further enhanced by attending the Workshop on Day Trading.
Road Map Flow Chart :
New Comer → Workshop on Basic of Stock Market Workshop on Practical Technical AnalysisProfision