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Day Trader :

Day Trading is a profession which involves HIGH RISK. For you to be a Day Trader - Knowledge, Risk Management, Integrity to follow defined rules and Ability to accept mistakes when it comes to execute a stop loss are a few important qualities which you need to practice and implement.

We believe that your road map to take this venture forward should be as follows -

  1. Learn Day Trading -
    • ​​Book an appointment for a session on Day Trading.
    • This is a FREE session as per our Corporate Social Responsibility so that we can help you with ideas and strategies which are helpful for analyzing charts in an intraday trade.
    • Objective - learn both Strategy + Discipline
      • Strategy = Picking Stocks, Trailing Profits, Entry & Exit Levels.
      • Discipline = Management of Money, Risk & Portfolio.
    • Talk to our executive to know more.
  2. ​Start using PROFISION Pro software to analyze charts and pick trades
    • ​​This will help you in maintaining a balance between Strategy and Discipline.
    • Support is available for you during trading hours. Move forward with a helping hand from PT.

Road Map Flow Chart :
Day Trader  →  Workshop on Day Trading  →  Profision Pro