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Swing Trader :

Swing Trading/ online swing trading or Short Term Investment requires a person to have Swing trading opportunities, a lot of focus on the charts. Decision making has to be fast and should be taken with 100% commitment to your predefined strategy. The online trader will "go long" that security by buying shares, call options, or futures contracts.

We believe the way for you to go forward is as follows :- 

  1. Learn Practical Technical Analysis :
    • ​​Attend our 2 + 10 Day Workshop on Practical Technical Analysis.
    • This is a 2 day classroom session with 10 days of practice at home on charts with our trainer helping you with verifying your technical analysis study and practically learning analysis in the process.
  2. Learn Day Trading :
    • Book an appointment for a session on Day Trading.
    • This is a FREE session as per our Corporate Social Responsibility so that we can help you with ideas and strategies which are helpful for analyzing charts in an intraday trade.
    • Objective - learn both Strategy + Discipline
      • Strategy = Picking Stocks, Trailing Profits, Entry & Exit Levels.
      • Discipline = Management of Money, Risk & Portfolio.
  3. Start using PROFISION & PROFISION Pro :
    • This will help you in maintaining a balance between Strategy and Discipline.
  4. Start practicing and analyzing charts :
    • ​​When you are practicing you will get complete support from trainers and our software support team. This support is available from Morning 8 to Midnight 12 during weekdays.
  5. Learn Future & Option -
    • This will help you develop strategies for longs as well as shorts.

Road Map Flow Chart :

Swing Trader →  Workshop On Practical Technical Analysis  →  Workshop On Day Trading  →  PROFISION & PROFISION Pro  →  Workshop On Future & Option