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Investor :

In the stock market it is not only important for you to invest in good companies, but, equally important for you to ensure that you invest in these companies at the right price. Maybe you’re new to investing and you aren’t sure about the concept of investing in the stock market, Maybe you are wondering why do people invest? Or why invest in stocks? These are good questions that I’ll try to explain. Because Stocks have offered the most potential for growth the days of investing and forgetting your investment are gone. Nowadays the speed of communication affects the prices of companies very fast due to which you should be monitoring your investments on a continuous basis.

Trends identified on a price chart should help you take better decisions than gut feelings or sentiments like hope, fear or greed. Technical Analysis not only helps you pick the right stock at the right price but it also helps you in implementing the right risk management.

We believe the way for you to go forward is as follows :-

  1. Learn Practical Technical Analysis –
    • ​​Attend our 2 + 10 Day Workshop on Practical Technical Analysis.
    • This is a 2 day classroom session with 10 days of practice at home on charts with our trainer helping you with verifying your technical analysis study and practically learning analysis in the process.
  2. Start Using Profision –
    • ​​This will help you in scanning the right stocks.
    • Analyze those charts will help in picking a stock at the right price.
    • Help in monitoring of positions as per your predefined strategy.
    • When you are practicing you will get complete support from trainers and our software support team. This support is available from Morning 8 to Midnight 12 during weekdays.

Road Map Flow Chart :

INVESTOR  →  Workshop On Practical Technical Analysis  →  PROFISION