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Precision Technical Pvt Ltd provides Technical stock market training in Pune, our stock market classes are very famous in all over India. We want our peoples and businessman to become a smart with the knowledge of Basic of stock market with the help precision Technical’s Pvt.Ltd.

Our Online classes for Share Market can help you gain more knowledge about the ups and downs in the business. Precision Technical Pvt Ltd provides you a detailed education about the stock market and share market. We conduct share market classes in all over INDIA.

The following training programs are available -


To Know more about our TRAINING PROGRAM just give MISCALL ON950 90 444 00. 


Note - Before you make a selection we suggest you to read the below content.


Knowledge Is Power

Hard earned money has to be invested with Knowledge to generate the results. Having knowledge has a lot of benefits. With it you are prepared for the risks involved in the stock market. You can plan and manage your investment properly. You can judge what is right and what is not.

In the stock market everyday is a new day and therefore learning should be an ongoing process. Practice is important in this field because your actions are directly linked to the performance in your account. As they say 'Practice Makes You Perfect' - with regular practice of analyzing charts your skill of reading them improves.

Why Should You Attend Our Training ?

  1. Precision Technical Analysis Pvt Ltd provide share market training in Pune, is a private limited company incorporated as per the guidelines of MCA.
  2. Founded by Mr Mandar Jamsandekar who has an experience of 20 years in the stock market.
  3. India's First & Only Practical Technical Analysis Workshop.
  4. Training modules developed with 20 years of practical experience of the market.
  5. Unique methodology and strategies. Modified Theories to suite the Indian stock markets.
  6. Experienced and qualified trainers.
  7. Largest company in India in the field of Technical Analysis Training.
  8. Trained more than 40,000 participants in the last 15 years.
  9. Training programs conducted in major cities across India.
  10. Free Life Time Support - means after training whenever you want to refresh the content you can do so by booking an appointment with the trainer in a one on one session. This happens online or on phone or in person at our Pune office.
  11. Flexibility of attending our Training Programs - Can be attended in a Classroom session with a group of participants or Can be done Online in a One on One session.
Which Training Suits Me ?
You can either select the training of your choice or take our help in deciding the best training for you using the 'Your Profile' or 'Take our Help' options.

Video by Mr Mandar Jamsandekar on Technical Analysis -