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Day Trading :

Day Trading is a business which involves high risk. You have to be strict enough to follow the correct methods & discipline.In order to be a successful day trader, you should be able to choose the right stock, you need to have the right tools and trade the right trading systems or strategies. However, it is just as important to have the right psychological and emotional outlook. Without the right psychology, your emotions will have a big impact on your trading, and may even prevent you from taking the right decisions. The two main emotions that day traders experience are Fear and Greed, and while you will probably not be able to remove these emotions completely, you will need to manage them correctly to be a successful trader.

Before you enter the stock markets as a Day Trader we suggest that you do a risk profiling test for yourself to understand whether this profile suits you.

Objectives :
  1. This training program is aimed at making you a disciplined day trader.
  2. With this program you understand that Day Trading is not gambling but there is a science behind the trades initiated.
  3. A participant understands that the Risk can be defined.
  4. Two Unique strategies which you get to learn are -
    • Trade On An Invitation
    • Running Price & Stagnant Price

You Learn :

Understanding Price | Candlesticks | Invitation to Enter a Trade | Concept of Running Price and Stagnant Price | Risk Management | Stock Pick | Trailing Profits | Entry & Exit Levels | Discipline | Money Management | Risk Management |       

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