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Futures & Options :

Future & Option segment in India has been picking up participation. This is a segment which attracts investors and traders as it presents opportunities like low investment in form of margin in futures, low investment in form of premium in options, portfolio hedging, known risk in options etc.

This falls under the high risk and high return category and therefore having knowledge of this segment is important.

Objectives : 
  1. Understand Futures and Options
  2. Make you aware of the risk involved and managing it.
  3. Making use of this segment for hedging your investment.

You Learn : 
Terminologies in Futures & Options | Risk & Returns | Building Positions In Futures | Pay In & Pay Out | Premium / Discounts | Cost of Carry | Arbitrage | Important Parameter for Confirmation | Option Basic | Option Terminologies | Option Buyer | Option Seller / Writer | Settlement | Option Premium | Margin | Selecting Strike Price | Option Strategies with a View |Practical Use of The Above Strategies

Futures and Options Workshop

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