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Written Testimonials :

Shalmali Gadgil from Pune, have done my MBA in Human Resource Management.
Presently I am a homemaker. I had no idea about the stock market before enrolling for the workshop. It was a complete new world for me.But I always had a curiosity about stock market and share trading, which is why I enrolled for the workshop. After the completion of the workshop I am really happy and satisfied.The software is simply superb. It is like a ladder to reach your goal in a very simple way.
A common layman can also achieve his goal with the proper knowledge and usage of the software.
The support  that I got from precision is commendable. All my queries be it technical or non technical were attended and resolved quickly. There was timely guidance and reminders. Thanks to my Trainer Mr Yogesh Birari for training me so well and patiently answering all my queries. Totally satisfied with the software and support team( Technical and Non Technical) I have not yet started with the actually trading but I am pretty sure I will get 100% support and guidance from Precision Technicals.

Shalmali Gadgil

I am A K Verma who attended your work shop in December 19th and 20th 2015, Batch under Mr Partha Sur.I wish to inform you that I have attended innumerable seminars, workshops and trainings. In almost all of them I was never satisfied 100% sometimes, Support staff is not having nice rapport with the participants, sometimes the presentation material is not up to the mark, infrastructure is not good, faculty is not able to convey nicely and is arrogant. I am not going into the less important things like lunch, tea etc. for some it is also an issue but basically the purpose is to get 100% knowledge.
I wish to congratulate you that I rate this workshop as the best so far. Normally grading is given from 10 but If there was a system like in rounding bottom formation than I would give rating of 10x to  Mr Partha Sur where x=2.Your support team member Ms Renu Sharma was extremely supportive I think she deserves 10. Apart from teaching what impressed me most was Mr Partha Sur humbleness. The way he teaches is marvellous and the most important part of training was inviting participant to do the online practical. In all it was wonderful experience. I could not find any lacuna in two days.Last but not the least the support from your Pune team is fantastic.
With warm regards
A K Verma
Friends I am willingly writing this to just say how precision technicals have helped me though it has been less than two months I have been using it for. I first did their simple course on TECHNICAL ANALYSIS which just tells us it is not that only LUCKY people make money in the stock market but people who just spend ONLY 15 minutes daily will make money. With Precision Technicals you will not only maximize your profits but also YOU minimize your losses. I did this course when I had lost half my investment in the stock market. I want to say that once you are with. Precision Technicals you will soon want to thank them in your very own way.
Mr. Ankit Agarwal
Precision Technical is a “ Black Belt ” in Stock Market – I attended Training Course in July, 2009 and since then I have made a good profit in short to medium terms. This is only possible due to “Guru” -Precision Technicals. I had informed this to Precision Team time to time. Thank you again!! 
Mr. Atul Kakirde
This is my first practical program on Technical Analysis and I am satisfied the way it was conducted. At the end of 2-day training program, I was sure that I would use the techniques to pick stocks and earn a handsome return on my money. PLUS, your support is excellent." 
Mr. Avadhut Nigudkar
New Year Wishes to all. My stynt in the stock market goes back from a decade. Having seen the booms & busts in the market since then, market seems to be a tough place to be. I never fancied technical analysis till I have attended Precision Technical's course on Jan 9-10 2010. I was greatly impressed.Precision Technicals has pioneered the technical analysis technique into profitable investing portfolio. I think if you follow the rules of the technique strictly, you will emerge a winner. I thank Precision team who are true professionals and there follow up & client care is very helpful. I think if one is to change his temparament according to Precision Technicals benchmarks, there is no looking back. Market would not be a tough place to be in anymore. Thats truly a empowered market player. Dhananjay Ranade Broker Jan 9-10 2010 Pune batch 
Mr. Dhananjay Ranade
The course was well organised, punctual, and professional and the Technical Analysis aspect were covered with ease. I must add that since attending the course, my opinions about the stock market have changed radically. Now I do not fear nor rejoice at the stock market happenings. I shall never forget the Statement: “The graph will tell you everything, not the company, not your broker or friend or even the fundamentals, so follow the graph closely”. I request all those who have no nothing of the stock market to attend the course and for all those who know everything of the stock market, so as to change their concept. The software is excellent, and support team very eager to help. So must go ahead and reap the benefits of the knowledge obtained. 
Mr. Hemant Todmal
We are thankful for conducting an informative workshop on Technical Analysis at our Institute. The workshop conducted on Technical Analysis for MBA Finance students on 13th and 14th August, 2010 was appreciated by the students and faculty members for the course content, delivery mechanism and the knowledge of the trainer. The contents of the course were designed rationally to justify all aspects of the topic. The content delivery technique was in a lucid manner to make understand the concepts of technical analysis to a layman. Every aspect of the concept was supported by examples and live cases which simplified the topic and made easier for the students understanding The workshop has definitely justified its purpose. Sir, we would also like to extend our thanks for the concession in course fee for the students of our institute. We look forward for many more workshops for our future finance aspirants.
Thanking You
Indira Institute
Dear sir, Before course share market was gamble for me just like searching in dark with no light but now precisiontechnical team working for me like a light. Thanks with love kedar Chaudhari 
Mr Kedar Chaudhari
I had attended your course in Jan 2008. This remark is purely for the sheer honesty with which you have taught us the course of technical analysis. The course and your teachings have been of immense help to me in this bull market that started from March 2009. I was not aware of shorting the futures market earlier otherwise i am sure would have helped me during the big bear crash. I thank you once again for the honest and simple approach that you have taught me thereby making my foundations strong to study more about this wonderful subject. I have attended a couple of seminars after yours and i should say that they dont even come close to what you teach. I am sure you know that better than me. I thank you once again for imparting your knowledge and expertise to the world in a time when these are rare. Best Regds, Nooman Naik 
Mr Nooman Naik
Last July I completed your training program in Ahmedabad on stock technicals. Since then, I have improved extensively in my research and am hitting v.high success. Currently I am deeply involved with extensive client portfolio management as well as serving many international websites as a research analyst. At the last count I am achieving 74% SUCCESS RATE since last 3 months (even in these ranged markets) and am beating the NIFTY by 10.5% with v.limited calls. Sir, I wish to convey my sincere THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping me look at technical analysis with a different perspective and taking it to new heights. Your 2 day course has helped me immensely which I shall never forget in a lifetime. Finally, yesterday I gifted myself a sparkling new - Indica VISTA Quadrajet Euro4. For me, It would be a dream come true if I can take you for a brief drive in this vehicle. ONCE AGAIN, THANKS A TON SIR!!! 
Mr Premal Parekh
Precision Technicals, as the name suggests, is the precise technique of focusing on profit making scrips and weeding out the loss making ones. The course itself, including the content, the duration, the conduct, the organisation and the overall presentation is thoroughly professional. The technique is made so simple that any novice can master it. Needless to say, age is no criterion to learn this technique. To summarise in just three words - Value for Money!. Pushkar Wagh. 
Mr Pushkar Wagh
After the course I feel, I have done something good to myself Ravi Bhutada, Businessman 
Mr Ravi Bhutada
Dear Sir, It had been a previledge to attend your 2 day workshop in Mumbai. What it has done to me???? 1. Changed my outlook of trading or investing in the markets. 2. Gave me a powerfull tool not only to make profits, but also to minimise the losses. 3. Hats-off to your money-management principles. I can vouch for it and boldly say that nobody can make a loss if religiously followed. 4. Moreover, your system is practical which can be followed by anybody having even zero knowledge about trading. 5. In short this workshop is for Novice, Amateurs & Professionals. I believe if the wokshop has helped me it can help everybody. Thanks SIR for changing my life "FOREVER" Ritesh Joshi Mumbai 
Mr Ritesh Joshi
First of all, I want to thank you for offering technical analysis training session! The research you did and results you provided went far beyond any expectations I had. The technical analysis class was fantastic knowledge gaining weekend. I’ve tried to learn Technical Analysis by other possibilities, but I usually gave up after a short time. The books so far I read taught me how to calculate various parameters used in technical analysis but didn’t give me clue on how to use them to buy/sell stock. The Technical Analysis session taught me how to interpret various indicators to be a good investor rather than how to calculate various parameters and then keep guessing whether to buy or sell. The one day practical session has increased my confidence. Thanks to Precision Technicals and his team and wish you all the best. Sachin Kalgude, Project Manager, Pune 
Mr Sachin Kalgude
I M in this market since 10th class- but wasting all time to read newspaper, magazines, annual reports, TV channels etc. Technical analysis course give me confidence and clear vision about price projection and proper exit levels–It is unbelievable that this training has brought a drastic change in my thought process and concept about the share market. It has nevertheless, strengthened my understanding on how to study the technical part of the share market. Very special part of PRECISION TECHNICALS is SUPPORT and after sale service it is amazing and no match. Everyone who is in touch with precision technicals definitely feel his own family feeling. I start my new inning with Precision Technicals. Your Arjun Satbir Kangar 
Mr Satbir Kangar
I really consider myself lucky that I could attend the seminar on Technical analysis on 12 & 13 July 08. The first thought came to my mind after attending the seminar is that, had I attended it before I would have saved so many losses and would not have missed so many opportunities. But there is never too late. Actually there are so many books and classes on technical analysis. What I learn in this seminar is APPLICATION of Technical Analysis tool to actual market conditions. I was also surprised to see the simplicity of the process. The complex Technical Analysis is made so SIMPLE to understand and apply. Also the software developed by Precision Technicals is very user-friendly and simple. After attending the seminar I have really gained so much confidence. Thanks to Precision Technicals. 
Mr Sharad Kulkarni
It was a really very good Training. I had learnt lot of things from Precision Technicals which i was not knowing or didn`t got the same information in past 3 years. 
Mr Sushil Kumar
Almost perfect, lucid presentation for rational approach to minimize losses and maximize profits in a short time input. Investors awareness increased multifolds. Umesh Gabhe, Businessman 
Mr Umesh Gabhe
From last one & half year I am living in Denmark and working there. I am on my vacation in India & I got this opportunity to attend your course. Many thanks for your wonderful course on technical analysis. It has given me vision what exactly to do while analysing stocks. Till yesterday it was based on information from newspapers, magazines, TV & so on. But now after this course, I can start doing my own analysis. I have been a passive investor since more than 20 years as I hold some shares from IPO in 85-86. Throught this period I have only bought shares & very few times sold. As I mentioned above, my purchase was based upon tips & information from media. I also read one book on technical analysis, but could not use for practical purpose. It was only when I met one of my friend & he told me about you & your course. I was also reading your articles in Sakal.
Mr Vikas Pathak