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Welcome to Precision Technicals!

Thank you for allowing us to guide in your venture in the stock markets.

As you continue reading you will understand that this guidance works on a basic principle that 'Knowledge Is Important When In The Stock Market'.

You have worked hard to create wealth and now you want to grow this wealth by investing. Stock Market is one of the options out of the various options available for growing your hard earned money. You are interested in the stock markets and that is what brings you to this page on our website.

You should be aware of the following things before you start your venture in the stock market -

  • Stock Market involves HIGH RISK.
  • Historically it is proven that equity investments perform well when invested for a longer period of time.
  • Having a 'Positive Attitude' is very important to stay in this market.
  • To make your venture successful implement the 80:20 rule - 20% = Strategy & 80% = Discipline.
  • The world's best of investors and traders also have to face loss making trades. One important habit which separates them from others is their ability to accept mistakes - when a stock does not work in their favour and makes a loss, they are fast to exit the trade and wait for another opportunity. They understand that Profit & Loss is an ongoing process in the stock markets. They do not come to conclusions about a system or a strategy based on an experience of a week or a month as they understand that there are bad patches too.
  • Managing risk is very important and will help you stay in the stock market for a longer period of time.
  • Normal understanding is 'Complicated means Intelligent' but we believe that 'We tend to do complicated things only when we cannot do them in a simple way'. Keep things simple.
  • People come to the stock market in search of a 'Golden Key' which will help them open this money box called 'Stock Market'. It is important for you to know that there is no such key and if you know it before hand then your venture can progress without hurdles.
  • Knowledge is important for you to manage your hard earned money.
  • Investing via the Mutual Fund route is also a good option for you to grow wealth.
  • Have CLARITY about your Profile, Investment, Risk, Returns, Time before you start.